Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to let BANDs know whether I can attend or not?

There are members within our group who have higher anxiety if they don't know who to expect on that day. Also some venues have limited capacity. Facilitators can manage their role and the group better if they know who is coming to the groups in advance. Also they can adapt the groups where possible to help with your needs as everyone with lived experience of neurodiversity is affected differently.

I don't live in the same town or city that a group runs, can I still attend?

Yes as long as you follow what's on the What's Expected of Me? page.

Do I need a diagnosis to attend?

No diagnosis is needed in order to attend.

How do I get to a BANDs group?

We have people who enjoy planning out public transport routes for others, email and Alfie can find a suitable route for you.

I don't want people outside the group to know I've attended a BANDs group

Provided you follow the What's Expected of Me? page and Alfie is satisfied that neither yourself or anyone else is in danger then Alfie will not tell anyone else that you've attended BANDs.

I have a physical disability and this can limit my mobility

Please let Alfie know whether you need level access as one of our Bath based venues has steps up into and down to the toilets and basement. (About 10 in total). The unofficial monthly Frome quiz night is currently upstairs as well.

Do I have to talk to anyone in the groups?

Provided you follow the What's Expected of Me? page you don't have to talk. Typing messages on a phone and showing to others; writing down or texting what you would like to say or emailing afterwards are all totally acceptable in the group.

How long will BANDs send me reminders?

Either until you ask us not to send you reminders or for 3 months. Please reply to any messages asking if you still wish to receive reminders to keep up to date with whats on.

How long will BANDs keep my contact details?

Either until you ask us to remove them or for approximately 12 months after your last contact then your contact details will be removed from our database.

I've decided that I cannot attend any BANDs groups what do I need to do?

Please text 07905345591 or email or send a link via Facebook Messenger. If we receive no contact from you within 12months of your last contact, we will stop sending reminders. Please note you are still welcome to message back if you feel able to contacting us again.

Why do you need my contact details?

This is so that Alfie can contact you regarding when and where the groups are running. On rare occasions, the groups move online after the reminders are sent out. Also according to the needs of the group and personal circumstances of the facilitators, dates can be changed before the reminders are sent out. BANDs minimises where possible the number of unexpected events for their membership.

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